batu beaches with women laying in the sand

The Beaches

A list of our favorite beaches on Virgin Gorda, listed from closest to furthest from Batu.

The Baths

370M 5 Minute Walk

Within The Baths National Park, small but dramatic with huge boulders being part of the landscape. The crawl, which is a trail filled with salt water baths that lead to Devil’s Bay, is the big attraction along with the boulders, of course. Check with the park ranger at the entrance to see what day is the least crowded. You don’t want to be there on the days the cruise ship passengers visit.

Devil’s Bay

400M 5 minute walk if you don’t go through the crawl

Within The Baths National Park, this is a beautiful picturesque beach with dramatic views and decent snorkeling, if the seas are calm enough.

Beach Cove

Spring Bay

900M 8 minute walk toward Spanish Town

One of the best beaches on the island, Spring Bay is much larger than The Baths with better snorkeling. It is never crowded and is our go to beach on Virgin Gorda.

Little Trunk Bay

1.2KM 15 minute walk, right next to Spring Bay

This is a secluded almost hidden beach, as there is only access from the sea or by taking an unmarked trail that you can find just to the right as you hit the beach at Spring Bay. Rarely is there anyone on this beach as it is usually only used by the few villas nearby. Good snorkeling.

Valley Trunk Bay

1.2 KM 15 minute walk, right next to Little Trunk Bay

Once again, this is a hidden beach that rarely has anyone on it. Access is all the way hidden at the end of Little Trunk Bay via a knotted rope and a short steep incline. It is worth the trek. You will feel like you are the only people on Virgin Gorda.

Little Dix Bay

4KM 10 minute drive

Part of the Rosewood Little Dix Resort originally built by Laurence S Rockefeller in 1964, this is probably the calmest beach on the island. It is very large with a natural barrier reef. This is a beach to visit when you want to be pampered and don’t mind paying for it.

Savannah Bay

5.7KM 13 minute drive

This is the longest beach on the island and also one of our go to spots for snorkeling and a picnic lunch. There are reefs on both the right and left sides. Decent surf depending on sea conditions, very good snorkeling and has shallow conditions a good distance from the shoreline. Sundays the locals usually do a cook out and sell goat water stew along with other island favorites.

Mahoe Bay

7.1KM 16 minute drive

Accessed through the Mahoe Bay villa community. Not as secluded as some of the other beaches as it has villas built close to the shoreline. It is pretty and is usually a bit calmer than Savannah Bay depending on sea conditions.

Nail Bay

9.5KM 20 minute drive

Accessed though Nail Bay villa community. More secluded than Mahoe Bay but harder to get to. Decent snorkeling.

Long Bay

10.1KM 23 minute drive

Accessed at the end of the Nail Bay villa community. This is a very secluded beach with great snorkeling along the natural reef to the right as you enter the beach.

Prickly Pear Island

12KM 25 minute drive including a boat ride

Located on an uninhabited island with a great little beach bar called the Sand Box Bar & Grill. Not great for snorkeling unless you’re looking for conch and start fish which are abundant to the left of the dock as you swim toward Saba Rock.